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Dr Erykah

Doctor of Metaphysical Science; Metaphysical Minister; Reiki Master Practitioner; Clinical Licensed Massage Therapist; Spiritual Advisor. Eye am the Medicine Mother; Eye have medicine for the mind body and soul. My aim is to heal others and make them feel good and better spiritually, mentally, and physically (mind, body, spirit). Love is always the answer, it is the key to a healthy, happy lifestyle. We must change our minds, our way of thinking to live the life we want. We all have the power, Eye can help you find it and tap into it, we create our own reality, Eye can show you how through meditation and breath, and Eye can show and help you how to heal what you thought you couldn’t, through sound healing with crystal bowls and yoga nidra (yogic sleep), as well as spiritual healing through the practice of the laying on of hands (reiki). And there’s much more! Book a session or class with me today!