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I grew up in south florida, where it’s a melting pot of cultures. I’ve been around people from the islands and america and so i was introduced to many different styles and sounds. I am a Writer | Dj | Producer among other things. I create music in different Genres, namely EDM, Pop, Reggaeton, Reggae, HipHop/R&B and other Latin Styles different to Reggaeton. I quickly was inspired by the vibe of dancehall (Reggae/Reggaeton) and Dance or EDM music where it’s like it’s embedded in my vibe, it resonates with my energy. I make my music for myself meaning the way i like it, i feel the good vibe and it makes me want to dance. I want you to feel the good Vibe of my songs and to be positively inspired, it’s feel good music that i wish can someday up lift you like the songs by my favorite artist and Dj’s has done for me, i like that feeling a lot when i’m in the vibe and there ‘s just me feeling the essence of the song and being brought to my own space, even if i’m surrounded. Good Music.

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